mc donalds suit no suit?!

Question: Mc donalds suit no suit?
got an interview at mc donalds they do an on job evaluation so i would look out of place if i go in a suit what should i wear iv only got jeans but they have a large logo on the back helllllppppp


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A suit isn't necessary, but you should still look nice. Do slacks and a polo, no jeans, and wear some decent shoes. That's really it.

Office interview: Suit/Skirts
Fast food and retail: Business casual: polos, nice pants, sweater, button up shirt.

Feel better? :)

Good luck love! I hope you get it :)

Edit: Go to a thrift store and by a cheap pair of Dockers. You get them for like, $4.

Edit 2: If that's all you have, then wow them with your words and personality. At least LOOK like you've made an effort, ya know? :)

The general rule is to dress one "notch" above the dress code of the job you want. So if the people behind the counter are wearing jeans and T-shirts, go with nice khaki slacks and a white collared shirt. If they are wearing khakis and shirts with McD's logo on them (aka "corporate casual"), wear nice shoes, nice slacks, a business shirt and a tie.

just wear like a polo shirt , & some slacks , if anything just wear black jeans

Just wear the jeans but don't wear a shirt. Perfect attire for mcdonalds.

No suit Is McDonald's Ur gonna be serving fat filled food not cars

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