Good party theme for a teen party? (plus bonus questions)?!

Question: Good party theme for a teen party? (plus bonus questions)?
I want to have a party before school starts. I am having at the end of August and it wil be quite warm around that time. I want to do either a 70's themed disco party with strobe lights and disco balls or an 80's themed party with leg warmers and big permed hair, etc. But, I feel like it might be too warm for leg warmers and over sized jumpers to do 80's themed. (although we will have air conditioning)
Which one do you think is better and cheaper?
BQ1: Any other alternative themes for me to do?
BQ2: Any good outfit ideas for either party?
BQ3: What are good ways to cut costs on my party (good stores, etc)?
Thanks in advance.


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Leg warmers and jumpers aren't all that was in the 80's. Go for the punk movement. Good punk music, don't be afraid to destroy things, and have fun.

the 80s party is way funner, and there's so much more fashion in the eighties other then leg warmers to wear. just type in eighties fashion in yahoo and you will find a site.
other good themes are; hollywood, dance, music theme
for a outfit for eighties theme, wear mini skirts, a bright neon shirts, and a pair of pumps

i love planning partys

I think the 70s will be cooler. Strobe lights are amazing.

BQ1- At my school they are having a retro party this friday after school with like poodle skirts and stuff.
BQ2-Well I would wear a poodle skirt, a nice top, my hair very curly, and for sexiness, black stillettos.
BQ3- Shop at party city, get inexpensive food, but also taste good, and make sure not to invite way to many people. Like not 75, but not 5.

OMG! the best for the summer is white tees and sharpies. everyone wears a white tee shirt plain. the girls usually wear it with short shorts and high socks to make it look cute, and everyone signs each others shirts it is so much fun and if you drinking because im not sure how old you are it makes it even funnier when people are drunk and sign the shirt because then you look at it in the morning and wonder what they put.
hope it helps!

There's a bunch of great theme ideas on this site…
For 70's party…

Hollywood Party ideas…

Have a great end of summer party!!

have a hawaiian luau theme.
You can get cheap hula shirts.
have fresh tropical fruits and make smoothies!

i think people would enjoy the eighties party much more, especcially if you invite boys, i think they would be much happier to wear disco instead of skin tight shorty shorts! haha, but anyways, have you theme be a dark blue and metalic silver, have a strobe light at the entrance, have blue tablecloths with silver confetti on it, have a single/couple dance competition, maybe even karaoke? i bet if you plan smart, you could do the whole party in under $300. try they have EVERYTHING and for really cheap, and a good shipping price. i hope i helped!
oh and for the invites tell everyone to dress to the theme and maybe include some pictures of outfits they could consider.

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