Catering Restaurants in Poconos PA / North New Jersey Area?!

Question: Catering Restaurants in Poconos PA / North New Jersey Area?
I am looking to host and outdoor party in the Poconos area and am looking for a good but semi-casual restaurant to cater. It must be a restaurant that caters off site, meaning provides delivery, set-up and servers (extra points if they provide bartending &/or tables). Because I am paying for a venue separately, I'd much prefer the food staying under the $40/person price.. I don't need a very "Fine" restaurant and much prefer to stay away from Italian/American since it's all too common. Anything Spanish/Mexican/Asian/Indian/Southern/et… will work. If the place is in the NJ area they must be willing to deliver to Poconos <--- that's just additional info, as of course I don't expect anyone to come up with the perfect place! ANY suggestions will be appreciated & I will call for the details.

Thanks in advance!


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I don't know if Coopers seafood in Scranton does catering but i think it is the best restaurant in the area by far!

your best bet is to check that area website for your best choice

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