13th bday in one month party ideas help?!?!?!

Question: 13th bday in one month party ideas help?!?!?
i with be turning 13 in one month and i want to to do something special.i wanna invite 16 friends.and i want to have a pool party but not just a pool party.please help me.


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there are lots of fun games you can play in a pool.

-set up a game of in the water volleyball
-play "the human knot" game in the water (google if you dont know what that is)
-buy oversized clothes from a thrift store, split everyone into two teams, half the team goes to one end of the pool and the other the other half, each person has to put on the clothes, swim to the end, take the clothes off, next person puts them on, etc...

-you could follow your pool party with a scavenger hunt around town (really fun)
- a chill bonfire
-or a movie party

hope that helped

junior in high school.. ive been to a lot of parties, i know whats lame and what isnt

google bday parties or themes and u will get all kinds of ideas, food sugg.

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