I'm planning a party for my baby's 1st Birthday and I don't know what I'm doing!?!

Question: I'm planning a party for my baby's 1st Birthday and I don't know what I'm doing!?
I'm having a hard time deciding how much food to get. It's a tentative 60 people. I did "regrets only" but some people just don't call to tell me they're not coming. Anyway, I'm doing sheet pizza and chicken with a couple sides. I just dont know if I should do 60 pcs of pizza and 60 pcs of chicken, or should I ......I dunno. I certainly want to have enough, but I don't want to over do it either. Any party planners out there???


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it depends on how many adults and kids you'll have. if you want you can divide the food, like the chicken is for the adults, if kids want a bite from mom or dad then they can. pizza is a tried and true for kids, of course it might be a good idea to have one with toppings and then one with just cheese. and then lay it out already cut so then most people will look at it and say hey, these are small pieces i should only take this many. and put the sides first, so most of the plate is filled with the sides. however you really want the attention on your birthday person. and most grocery stores offer a free or really cheap mini cake for a first birthday. that way they can make a huge mess out of it and everyone can just watch!

i would say do some party foods aswell as your pizza, like sandwitches and cocktail sausages and sausage rolls stuff like that just little bites people can pick at they arnt that expencive either. thats what i done on my daughters first birthday,

There will certainly be people who will eat more than just 1 slice of pizza and 1 piece of chicken, leaving nothing behind for others. You should at least double it, or maybe double it twice??

order something you enjoy, because more than likely whatever you order there will be a ton left over.

We served buffet type food. Sandwiches, mini sausage rolls, mini wraps, quiche etc.

I wouldn't have 60pcs pizza 60 pcs chicken and nothing else because not everyone likes that and like someone else mentioned, some people will have more than just one piece of each.
I would serve say 40pc pizza, 30pc chicken,
then buy:
some cocktail sausages(normally 20-30pcs)
a quiche or pie or two(one is generally 8pcs so both 16pcs),
and make for example: 3 ham & cheese sandwiches cut into 4 triangles (12 pcs) 2 tuna sweetcorn (8pcs) 2 egg mayonaise (8pcs) 3 chicken salad (12pcs) (total of 10 sandwiches but 48 pieces)
Finally make a salad and a large bowl of fries.
Then for dessert, a large bowl of strawberries, a large bowl of Jell-o and a large chocolate cake all served with cream or ice-cream
plus the birthday cake for singing with etc.

In total you'll have about 151 pcs of food plus dessert which will fill everyone up. Plus there's quite a big variety so they'll feel like they have a choice.

It's better to have too much food than not enough, because your guests will get hungry and irritable and you can always eat leftover the next day.

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