need tween party ideas?!

Question: Need tween party ideas?
im planing a birthday party for my friend! i NEED ideas shes turning 13 s.o.s. birthday in 3 weeks but if i work hard i can make a major party happen! but i rlly need ideas!!! s.o.s.


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make everyone wear adult diapers and then everybody each eats a chocolate laxative. Last one left wins $200

Thats what I did for my 13th birthday derpends is it an all girls kinda party?? or with cute boys???

if with girls then...maybe have a big sleepover with gossip girls and lots of sweets and get face masks and all that kinda thing!! and play spin the bottle...:) and have lots of magazines and gossip about the girls you haate.and boys!!

if you having the boys over then get music on and some good films maybe play spin the bottle and have music... dress up cute if your into the boys!! make drinks non alco cocktails are fun or alcoholic if u can!!

themes if your goin 4 that...justin bieber mayb?
or pink theme have EVEYTHING pink and girly and cute!!

it derpends on what type of girls you all are!!!

have a justin beiber party. throw darts at his head, insult his music, rip up pictures of him...

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