Is mineral water good for you?!

Question: Is mineral water good for you?
hi, im a mineral water junkie lol
and i was wandering if its actually bad for ones health
what are the cons of it


Mineral water may be marginally better because of it being more pure. But unless the tap water where you live is contaminated you should not need mineral water.

1. Upto 300 times more expensive
2. May have toxins from plastic if the bottle has been exposed to sun too much on transport before it reach your store.
3. So much plastic waste. Not environmentally friendly at all.

Check out this article:

Well any water is good for you, you should be aiming for about 6 glasses of water per day. Mineral water just means it has less impurities in it so if it actually IS any better for you, it will be marginally.

Yeah, it's good for you. Any water is good without anything added to it.

Mineral water is the devil!!......just sayin

Plz dont report me :-(


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