14th Birthday party ideas?!

Question: 14th Birthday party ideas?
I'm 14 and having a birthday party tomorrow but I don't know what I should do. There will be 10 of us (all male). There's nothing on in the cinema that doesn't look crap that I haven't seen (except for Scott Pilgrim but I'm gonna see that once I read all the comics). When we were younger I would have a water fight but I don't really think people would be into that anymore. My Xbox has the 3 red rings so we can't play that. There's probably going to be a sleep over aswell and I can have 6 of the people for it (although if i have more than 3 or 4 I'll get a headache). I was thinking we could just rent a few movies and watch them but I'm worried that if it's a loose plan like that that one of them will say "I don't want to watch a movie" (I'm actually thinking of one of my friends in particular).
So, anything fun that you guys can think of? Do you think they might enjoy a water fight? Do you think if 1 or 2 people out of the 10 object to watching a movie that I should say "Sit down and shut the **** up"? What are your views and give ideas from parties you've been to that you enjoyed


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Play Truth or Dare.

Movies are a good idea. Do you have any other games consoles to play on? maybe tell your friends "If there's any games you wanna play bring your console over,mine is broken but you can be in charge of yours/decide who plays on it". At least this way, a picky guests can bring their own entertainment

You could have a campout in your backyard. Tell spooky stories.

lol water fights are awesome x] & im 14 btw aha

some other ideas u can do:
pool party?
chatroulette? (lmfaoo)
truth or dare?
spin the bottle? (get sum girls! lol)
get a bouncy housee? :D
just hang out at your house?

lol but I would get bored if I watched movies the entire party. Maybe like a short movie then just hang out? haha idk i'm just brainstorming :]

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