I'm having my 13th birthday at my house...HELP?!

Question: I'm having my 13th birthday at my house...HELP?
I have no ideas at all what to do. D:
All I'm going to do so far is have some friends round at 11 and they're going to stay for the day(:
We can go on the wii... and that's all I can think of :/
I need ideas for food as well as activities(:
There will be 8 of us if that helps and then my parents as well :D
Can you give me some ideas please that don't involve a lot of money(:
Help D:


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get loads of chocolate stuff and pizzas and crisps. Truth or Dare.....Spin da bottle.....7 minutes in heaven.....and hide and seek in da dark!! those are the best teen games that u should play at parties.

I recently had my 13th birthday party at my house and what I did was hire a bouncy castle, but that did cost like £70 per day so that's kinda expensive.

We just kinda chatted and went on my laptop and laughed at youtube videos and that kinda thing.

Also for food we made pizzas with just pre-made bases and had cake after :)

You can try watching a good movie, maybe a chick-flick or romance/comedy.. Don't forget about dancing and maybe singing lol :) good music is mandatory.
As for the food, have a good home cooked meal (as the main platter such as BBQ or chicken..) and go for pasta or even lasagna! You can also order take-out such as Pizza hut or something...
Don't forget the cake! Try printing your picture on it!
Happy birthday :)

look here and you'll find lots of ideas:

make a big list of gear that you'll want for this event, and try not to worry about costs; free birthday party plans are always magical. Add items such as invitations, refreshments, games, and lots of gifts to the list.


A lot of party entertainment is just sitting around the house, waiting to be used to amuse your guests. Teens don't need novel games and prizes. Set up your own karaoke machine, or one from a friend, in your den or living room. Let your aspiring stars rock all night long. Pull out a football and host a backyard game for your jock and his buddies.

Your pantry and freezer may already be stocked with all you need to feed guests. Frozen pizzas, pastry pockets and other frozen snacks will satisfy hungry teens. Let junk food be your theme. For a more elaborate option, pull together tacos or pasta dishes from whatever you have on hand. Budding chefs may enjoy baking cookies or brownies for dessert.

Who This Works For
If your teen has a small close-knit group of friends, this type of party is great for them. Your teen already enjoys spending time with them, even doing something simple like playing a video game or card games. These groups don't require a lot of attention, since you know and trust the other teens. This doesn't work as well for a large group, where drama is inevitable.

Your home is the easiest place for a teen's birthday party, but it doesn't have to be the only place. If you host a scavenger hunt, you can bring the kids to the local mall to take digital pictures of the items they find on the list. They can also go door-to-door in the neighborhood or go to a local park. Look around your town for public facilities, such as a skate park or beach, and host the party


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