What is on Lynn Crawford's palm?!

Question: What is on Lynn Crawford's palm?
i always watch the cooking shows with her in it like restaurant makeover and i have always noticed that there is something on her left hand on her palm, it kinda looks like a stamp. its a blue square to be exact please tell me! thank you :)


Could it be a tattoo?

Edit: Watch this youtube video and pause it when Lynn has her hand in the air. You can zoom in on her hand by holding down the "Ctrl" key and repeatedly pushing "+" key. Its definitely a square tattoo. As a matter of fact, she has blue, square tattoos on both her palms.

I found this from another website:
"Crawford carries with her a reminder of that testament. She inked her palms with square labyrinth tattoos in memory of her father — the person who introduced her to the world of cuisine. The tattoos are a reminder that everyone must find their own path in life. In Crawford’s case, it’s something she will forever do with her hands".

From another website:
"The passion of Lynn Crawford? Well, feel it in her conversation, and you see it on her body. She has several tattoos, and each marks a moment in her life as a lover of great food and wine.

The first tattoo she got is of a small knife and sharpening steel above her left breast. “In the early nineties, I went on a culinary trip through California and spent a month staging [apprenticing] in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Barbara. It was for me, most magical.”

After that came two small black labyrinths, the size of coins, on the palms of both hands. “A labyrinth is about a path. Life is a path, a journey with many different twists and turns, hopefully leading to happiness and fulfilment and giving to others. And I work with my hands, and my hands are my life.”

Perhaps the most spectacular is on the inside of her right forearm: A coloured, graphic tattoo of a grapevine. “I got it a year ago. I was in San Francisco, and I went to the Zuni Cafe. I love the Napa Valley. I had a few oysters, and a couple of glasses of chardonnay, and a really great carbonara, and then I went across the street to this artist.”"

And yet another website:
"The one on my left palm is a labyrinth, which signifies to me that life is filled with many different twists and turns but hopefully, ultimately it’s happiness and fulfillment.

The labyrinth on my right hand is a Hindu labyrinth. And it’s also about life. There are four paths that are identical, so even though you might think that life presents you with many different paths, guess what? They’re all the same, with many different twists and turns but hopefully, ultimately, happiness and fulfillment and sharing and giving and I work with my hands and my hands are my life". - Lynn Crawford

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