Small Party Ideas For Teenage Girls?!

Question: Small Party Ideas For Teenage Girls?
Ok So My Friend Is Coming Over And I Want To Have A Little Party But Need Ideas! Maybe A Spa/Pool Party Or Movie Party? I'm Up For Anything!! :)
Merci Beaucoup


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My coworker just did an awesome thing with her girls. She set up a day at a hair college (where girls are in school learning to do cosmetology), and all of her girls got their hair and nails done for a pretty cheap price. The girls loved it, and afterwords they all went out to dinner to show off their hair. Just an idea! :) Good luck.

If you're doing it in the summer, a bonfire might be fun. Get a large sheet and hang it on the side of your house to project a movie!

For just the two of you though, you may want to go with something smaller. You could go to the mall and have a scavenger hunt, and then come back and give each other make-overs.

You could also get your hair and nails done, then go back to your house and take pictures (almost like a modeling session). Print doubles out of the photos and make scrapbooks!

Do you have a favorite movie between the two of you? Go all out and dress up as characters or have a movie marathon.

Another idea is to go to a park or in your backyard(most likely your backyard) and camp out for the night.

A really fun thing to do is going to an outdoor/rock climbing place. That's really fun for the two of you to do.

Hope this helps! Have a great time!

personal experience

you could do eachothers nails wear facialo masks, go out to eat, watch some movies, play wii (or anyother video game) do hair, get some magazines, prank call people, hahaha one time at a sleepover party we all decorated our own pillow cases and that was really fun

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