When is dessert served at a baby shower?!

Question: When is dessert served at a baby shower?
My shower is in less than 4 weeks. You know how at a baby shower they reserve a special time to cut the baby shower cake? Were having 100 mini cupcakes and a 6 inch cake for the top tier. Since I'm having cupcakes and people can just pick them up and walk...what would be a good way of letting my guest know they will be served at dessert time? Or does it even matter?

This is my first baby and shower so I'm not sure when dessert is supposed to be served or if people could have it when they eat. If I could have it my way...I would like them to eat dessert as I open the presents. Any suggestions?


That's what we did....served the cake as guests were sitting and daughter was opening gifts..we played a couple games between the meal and dessert (gave us a chance to clear away things, too). We brought the dessert to the tables and made it easy for them. So serve it when you think is best.

btw: here's a tip: have a couple of those big plastic totes there for you to carry home the smaller items in together...it helps; will come in handy when storing them, too (either waiting to grow into...and then when baby outgrows). Keep a record of who is giving what to send thank yous before setting in the tote.

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