Rolled up the rim lately? Win anything?!

Question: Rolled up the rim lately? Win anything?
I won a donut today!!!!


Please play again :[

I refuse to participate this year, I am only doing the free spins online.

I don't drink a lot of coffee or tea or anything, but the last two years I would buy some during Roll Up the Rim time. Over the last two years, I bought 38 cups from Roll Up the Rim.

Out of those 38 cups, I did not win at all. Not even once. Is that the biggest rip-off you've ever heard??? Meanwhile all my friends were winning every single cup. Because I must have bought all the loser cups that the local restaurant had. So angry! The odds were 1 in 9 so I should have won at least 4 times.

Never buying again! Only free spins on their website from now on.

Not familiar with the promo, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Gotta love free donuts!

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