what would ya dooooo for a klondike bar?!

Question: What would ya dooooo for a klondike bar?


I would:
Climb a mountain, jump off of a bridge, eat worms, throw my teddy bear out the window, dump the trash upside down, sit in a tree, go to space, scuba dive, hold my breath forever, bury myself alive, eat pillows, jump on my rocking chair, drink 10 gallons of water, stick my fork in the garbage disposal, clip my hair to the shower curtain, play a song on repeat for a whole day, watch the worst movie ever 20 times, take a chainsaw to my neighbors house, put my sister in the toilet, duct tape my mouth shut, make a burnt burger, set caps lock on my computer forever.


I really love klondike bars. :)

Not much.. I'm not a big fan of Klondike bars! I prefer ice cream sandwiches. Especially the ones with chocolate chip cookies. Those are soo good. I always get them at the pool. I also like Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. Yum! You're making me hungry now, lol :)

My tummy

Answer quickly !


"You don't want to know." Ha

I would go to the store and buy some..

run 1 mile

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