If there is underage drinking at a party...?!

Question: If there is underage drinking at a party...?
If there is underage drinking and drug use at a party on private property, but you are not consuming any alcohol or using any drugs, is it still illegal? There's this party that my boyfriend and I want to go to, but there might be alcohol and drugs at it. We both want to stay away from alcohol and drugs because we don't really see the point. My mother, however, will kill me if the party gets raided. If it does, will my boyfriend and I still be in trouble if we weren't doing anything?


Unfortunately yes, If there are any drugs or alcohol there, and he place gets raided, you will still get in trouble. I'm not exactly sure why but I've had a few friends and family members who have had that happen to them. If I were you, I would either play t safe and not go, or go and be ready to run lol

This is tricky. Obviously it would not be illegal for you to be AT a party where these things were going on, but if you are serious about avoiding this kind of trouble, I would skip the party. Cops get things wrong all the time, and sure enough when you friend says "here, hold my beer" is exactly when the cops show up and see YOU holding the beer.

you more than likely will because you were at a place where there was drugs and underage drinking and therefore a witness. I think that it's better to play it safe and not go.

My personal opinion

chances are the cops will drag you home by the ear even if you weren't consuming anything.

seen many teenage parties getting busted around here, its quite funny.

yep. you were there witnessing illegal activity and failed to contact the police. therefore you'd get in trouble as well

yea sonnn

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