what are those coffee mug things called?!

Question: What are those coffee mug things called?
you know those coffee mugs, the ones that you take OUTSIDE your home cuz it has a lid on it....
do they have a specific name? cuz everytime i google "coffee mug" i just get the regular coffee MUGS, the glass ones... i'm talking bout the plastic ones, or even paper ones.


Around here we call them travel mugs.


hi they are when you on the road and you have stop for fuel and refesh very large as you can image brewing mugs, ahhhhhh,hummm good to the last drop, and may i add convient and to put in coffee holders that's an add on for driving not having to worry about spill's and burns.there also a collection item's, traveling to and from,states ,islands and i can't wait till vacation or i! need a break now. luckly march is rolling in like a roaring lion,or lioness..

travel i enstate to - FLA -ARK-CANAL- so fort.

travel mugs

Travel mugs, any Wal-mart, K-mart, Target or dollar store will have them.

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