What kind of food to make for my daughters party?!

Question: What kind of food to make for my daughters party?
I want to make the food for my daughters birthday party, but I am not really sure what to make, I need something really simple, and something that younger kids will eat. Any ideas?? <BR><BR>I am not going to order pizza, because I would rather them have something a little more healthy, because they are already having cake and ice cream.


-Crescent rolls with jam, cheese and ham or chocolate in side for special treat <BR>-potatoe wedges or mashed potatoe<BR>-chicken strips<BR>-fruit kabobs (with catalopa, apple, strawberries, blueberries, raisions, etc)<BR>-spaghetti with some other fun shaped pastas (bow ties, bunnies, etc.)- although some some kids don't like tomato sauce, soo some have butter and cheese just incase<BR>- tater tots <BR>-Mini sausages or sausage rolls <BR>-Breadsticks, cheese straws and mini cheese biscuits - easy to eat and filling<BR>-granola bars<BR>-muffins<BR>-fruit salad<BR>-patties<BR>-veggie or chicken bugers<BR>-veggie or chicken hotdogs..<BR><BR>=)</DIV><H3 class=reference>Source(s):</H3><DIV class=reference><A href=http://www.kidspartyfun.com/pages/f… rel=nofollow>http://www.kidspartyfun.com…

It would be helpful to know her age; however, you did say it needed to be something younger kids will eat. My daughter is 4 1/2 and here are some of the things I've made for her parties (she has a birthday party on odd birthday years and a pumpkin party every year):

Chicken salad with green and purple grapes (cut up) & walnut pieces (if nuts are okay) stuffed into hotdog buns which are then cut into 4 sandwiches. The sandwiches have decorative picks in them (frilly picks or parasols) to keep them together. I've been known to bake the bread myself, but store bought will work for most people.

Turkey sandwiches made just like above.

Roastbeef sandwiches made just like above.

Fruit tray with grapes, apple slices, melon pieces and a dipping sauce such as sour cream with brown sugar.

Veggie tray with carrots, cooked and chilled green beans, celery, grape tomatoes, etc. and ranch dressing for dip.

Cheese balls (they're like cheetos but made with real cheese), pretzels, and goldfish crackers for junk food.

I do the sandwiches and trays the day before, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate.

www.bakingbread-101.com for bread baking recipes

corn on the cob, chicken fingers, veggie kabobs, tortilla chips and salsa, etc.
a salad bar with all kinds of yummy toppings, kids love colour! and theyll be excited to be able to choose all their own ingredients.
or have prepared pizza dough and toppings, and let the kids assemble their own mini pizzas as an activity.

children like colourful stuff. so , maybe you should go for fruit salad which have green and red apple, pears, strawberries and etc. they also like fried foods, maybe like alphabet nuggets and fries. and, i think it's better for you to avoid curry ones, it will create a big mess in your house and also on the children themselves. have fun

Have you bothered asking her? It's her party after all, healthy living is all well and good, but cutting loose just a bit,once in awhile ain't gonna hurt anything

I'm a parent too

chili and cornbread
hot dogs and salad
spaghetti and garlic/cheese toast, ceaser salad
chicken nuggets and fries with some kind of veggie
fish sticks and fries
corn on the cob

Hey you must prepare some snacks for her party...Snacks are usually like by everyone and with that you can give cold drinks with that.

A ton of Macaroni and Cheese usually goes over well with kids.

pot brownies

kids like spaghetti or mac & cheese

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