i am having a party and need suggestions?!

Question: I am having a party and need suggestions?
me and my best friend are 15 throwing an outdoor party in june of 2011! we need lots of ideas the theme is gonna be neon like with lots of colors and stuff we are not sure if we are gonna have it be a glow in the dark party after it gets dark cause it sounds too complicated, we need ideas for outside food, games/ activities what are some decorations we could have and whatever idea you guys might have! we would appreciate itt alott if you would comment(:


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I did a party like this for my daughter and we loved it!
I bought glow sticks for everyone. Made a cake that was dark like the night and put stars on them then put those glowing candles on top, so you can blow them out in the dark ;)
When you make punch in a glass punch bowl, put a lit glow stick in the bottom of the punch (DO NOT BREAK IT OPEN!) it will be fine as long as its not punctured. I have seen people do this and its sooo cool! In another glass bowl, put some gummy bears with another lit glow stick, they will glow and can be easily found in the dark.
Do lots of stuff in the dark, get disposable cameras from the dollar store, anything that glows in the dark. You can buy paint that glows in the dark (Walmart or hardware store) and paint up some things. Buy some T shirts to decorate silly. The craft section will have all kinds of fun stuff for shirts or making bracelets, things like that. There is even glow in the dark nail polish. I found some really cool black birthday party invites that had neon colored splashes of color on them at Walmart. Check out this site too, it has some cool favor ideas.

Also found this:
Outfit guests with glow necklaces or glow sticks.

Use glow paint on invitations.

Use green and purple plates with glow in the dark stickers on tablecover and cups.


Hot Potato:
Play Hot Potato with a glow-in-the-dark ball with lights off.
(hehe, you could paint a potato with glow paint! Just dont eat it!)


Glow Bracelets:
Make with glow beads.

Paint Nails:
Use glow paint or milky pens to make designs.


Neon-Green Drinks:
Serve with glow straws.

For older children, rent a black light for a glow dance party

You could probably do it on a Friday and have it from like 8 to midnight or something like that so its dark enough and you could bring out like glow in the dark stuff. It will be really cool as long as its dark enough and you could ask everyone to wear black so the neon really sticks out. you could have endless party options based on this.

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