Is 16 people enough for a 16th birthday house party?!

Question: Is 16 people enough for a 16th birthday house party?
17 including me ;)

I live in a 3 bedroom house, its 75metres squared
the party will mostly take place downstairs and one room will be off limit :S

I could invite more but Im not sure they will fit lol
and I dont want to rent a venue because they are expensive and I want to spend all my money on the party itself :)

or is more people better :/ What do you think?


its up to you... are you more comfortable with just your close friends? or do you want a lot of people? less might be better cause there wouldn't be as much clean up and you could keep a closer eye on whats happening... i personally think 16 people is a good amout because you get the feeling of a lot of people and you can still interact with everyone that is there.

even if you just wanted 3 people that's plenty as long as you feel comfortable with everybody who's invited and trust them in your house,
don't feel presured into inviting more

hope you have a fun birthday ?

If they are good friends there should be enough but if you have a back garden as well if weather is nice could always spill out onto the patio ? Keep it under 25 and you have no problems.

I think its fine like that small parties are better or you can invite other 5

I don't think so unless it's really small remember people can go outside to and stuff I'd say invite 30 people to make it fun but not if u just want close friends there


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