18th party?!


18th party?

hey im having my 18th party after my actual birthday (early dec rather than mid oct) and i wanted to do a fallen angels theme tho i want my guests to dress formally, is it a good idea? for the invites i wanted to do something like the diesel models ( u know with wings)....what do u think abt the idea and do u have any other suggestions? tnx

Themed parties are a great time and a great idea, I throw several a year....but my main consideration before I decide on each party is....what will this mean for my guests? Not everyone wants to have to go out and purchase a formal outfit for a party - especially if there is no chance of wearing it again. Be sure everyone you invite will have the appropriate dress without having to go out and buy.

Once that consideration is taken care of....GO FOR IT!! You sound extremely creative and imaginative.

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sounds good, we did a fancy dress for my daughters, you will find some one wont want to dress up, you could have a prize for the best..

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