How to nicely 'get rid' of my mum for my birthday?? ;P?!

Question: How to nicely 'get rid' of my mum for my birthday?? ;P?
Im having a 16th birthday house party but I kind of don't want my mum to be there :S
She knows I told her and shes fine with it but we r not sure what to do
I dont have a lot of money to send her to a spa for a dayor anything expensive...
It will be from 7-11pm

Thanks :)


It's only 4 hours. Dinner and a movie or hang out with friends may be a book store. She's grown I'm sure shell figure it out

just tell her that their friends and you guys are going to tell secrets and you don't want anyone knowing. Im 17 and my birthday is in 3 days and i told me mom that we girls need privacy and can u please respect it? She said that she doesnt want anything harmful to happen so i just explained to her that we are responsible and if anything happens, the blame will be on me and if anything breaks, i will personally pay for it. That did the trick and i cant wait for my birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I'm a mom and I wouldn't leave my house if teens are there having a party. I especially wouldn't leave my house if my 20 year old son was having a party. Too many risks.

Send your parents on a nice (but cheep) meal out and tell them to come back late and enjoy themselves, or throw the party at someone elses house

have her rent a movie in a seperate room so shes still there, and shes happy but she wont be breathing down your neck

Just talk to her, I'm sure she'll understand. :)

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