Best way to cancel a party?!

Question: Best way to cancel a party?
Sent out invitations for a going away party. The person I was throwing it for had last minute changes! Now they are not going away. The party is in 2 weeks.

Invitations were sent by mail. Is it bad ettiquette to type up a blurb explaining what happened and send in the mail? If i mail today people will get it in a few days, more than a week before the event.

I feel like where we invited over 100 people that it is too many to call. Also, if I send some Facebook messages and others calls, that it is unfair to all recipients. If everyone gets a letter i feel that is most fair.

What do you think?


I think since you sent invitations by mail you should send the cancellation notices by mail. It's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Send letters.

But maybe also consider..keep the party intact.

Change the theme of party.

Nothing wrong with having family and friends together "just because"

If not, the letters are the way to go.

Send out an email.
And then put signs up around your house saying "Quarantine"
Jk. I'd just email.

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