How do I make the best vodka infused watermelon by Saturday?!


How do I make the best vodka infused watermelon by Saturday?

I've got a ripe watermelon waiting for some vodka? What's the best way to go about filling it, how long should I do it, how should I serve it, etc?

just cut a hole in it on fri nite n tip the bottle into it. it will slowly absorb the booze. cut from top down n eat yummm


step one, cut a side of watermelon skin so it will rest on table without rolling, the cut a hole in the watermelon the sizr of the opening of vodka bottle in melon and set bottle to empty in melon

just cut open watermelon and pour vodca on it and keep it in refrige


Just drink the vodka and eat the melon and then you wont care.

cut two plugs out of it one on each end ,and add two fifth. should be deep holes . Don't Drink and Drive. But have a good time. wish Iwas there.


How to infuse a watermelon with vodka. This seriously is the FIRST thing I have learned on Yahoo Answers!!


get seedless w/melon. scoop all flesh out. blend all the flesh till it is slushhy. get your vodka put in aahot pan .for 750ml of vodka mix 200 gms of white sugar. stir till sugar dissolves. add your blended w/melon mush simmer for 10min. take note the temp of your vodka in the pan should not exceed 35 degrees. chill this mix in the fridge. filter thru muslin and u have w/melon vodka. take your time .the whole process should take you about 12 hours. for more recipes flik something at me. have a meeeeeeeen recipee for a ginger and lemongrass vodka if you r keen

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