It was my birthday on the 9th September - was it yours too - what did you do?!


It was my birthday on the 9th September - was it yours too - what did you do?

What did you do for your birthday?
Where did you go?
Was it a good day??

No it wasn't my birthday,but it was my daughter's!! She was born on 9.9.94 at 9.19.That is true. 12 years old now.She got cash,and we went out for something to eat.Had too much birthday cake.It was a lovely day.Oh and if you are from the uk,she also got a huge blue bear from clinton's,and the biggest card from there too.The bear has a cosy wosy pink fluffy coat on and says love you loads.


nope mines on 16 october and im 21 this year..... it party time lol!!!!

happy birthday for the 9 by the way. hope u had a good one!!!!!


Not the 9th, but the 4th of September. I started celebrating Saturday night with family at a nice restaurant, then back to our place for dessert and presents. Sunday my hubby and I had friends over at 2:00 for game time. We had a nice dinner party and some stayed until 1:00am watching movies and playing more games. Monday-my actual birthday- was spent sleeping in, getting some good reading in and going shopping. I celebrated with family, friends, and relaxation. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Hope yours was just as great!

Happy Birthday!!! Did you have a good one? What was special on your day?

Mine was on the 9th ..but August. I was at work until 9pm so think i should get the 10 points in sympathy

Hope you didnt have people saying oh no your birthday is on 9/11, cos if they did hope you said its on 11/9! Mine is on 8/11 thank god I wasnt born on the 9th, cos those quips would drive me mad.

it wasnt mine but my friend took me too a theme park it is still busy when in school

It was my bf's birthday too. He had to work that morning and so did I. Since his hours were shorter than mine he went home and made a covered dish for the church dinner that night. It was a lot of fun..small church, great company and plenty of home cooking. We will go out to his favorite restaurant this week.,,either a seafood dinner or big steak, maybe both.

no its my birthday..... its in july......when it was my b-day.... we went to a restau..... and its a gud day......

it wasnt my birthday on the 9th but from 20 days to go from yours it will be mine so wahay lol

It was my friend's, he turned 40 and he was ever so pissed off I couldn't be there to celebrate.

No sorry. Mines 29 Sept and haven't really thought about it yet. Happy belated to you though.

my birthday is august 13, i whent to the park with my friends and family if you as me if im happy of course im very happy and i have the best birthday in my life.

no. mines not till march

Not mine, but September is practically my entire family's brithdays!!!
My cousin's fiancée on the 2nd, my uncle on the 6th, my isster on the 13th, my father AND my grandfather on the 15th, my uncle's wife on the 17th and my little cousin on the 19th....I think that's all of them!!!
SO my sister was yesterday, she had to work, but we all sent her cards on her email, and her co-workers took her out for lunch and got her a big cake (actually, 2 cakes - one at lunch and another back at the office!) then her best friend picked her up and took her out for dinner, and made her another cake, and my family will be having birthday dinner for her this Sunday....another cake! She's 22 now, and she said the best present she got was to get to see the very first ultrasound picture of her very first future niece/nephew, awwww!!!
So I hope your birthday was awesome, happy happy to you!!!
And I hope you eat less cake than my sister, she's got a wicked tummy ache today!!

nah, but my daughters was on the 8th..she was a year old....hooray!!!!! happy birthday to you

I share my birthday with Adolf Hitler, imagine the ribbing I had to endure at school. It gets better though, now not many people remember his birthday date and some have even forgotten him!!!

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