School Fall Carnival?!


School Fall Carnival?

I am in charge of our schools carnival...does anyone have any food ideas besides the dogs and chips? Some thing that will be cheap to make and a real money maker.

Have bake sale items!! get some of the moms to do pans of brownies, cut them & wrap them into individual blocks, then sell those for 50cents apiece - they fly out the door when we have them. Or cupcakes - they go quickly too & the kids can eat them
on the go. Bags with 3 cookies - choc chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin - they sell well, also. Do a raffle on a big ol cake!
have it right where they can see it - sell raffle tix for a dollar each; they should buy them up.

scout yard sales, school stuff

Tacos, fajitas, chips and Salsa...all quick and easy...all very cheap!!

frtio pies chips pizza

Make some mexican cheese quezadillas is only flour tortillas put the ceese inside and warm them on a skillet

Cotton Candy
Funnel Cakes
Corn Dogs
Carmel Apples
Frito Pies
Candy (buy in bulk from Sam's, BJ'S, or other discount store)

Check out you local party store to see what machines they have available for rent. Tell them it is for a school fundraiser they might be willing to donate some machines for use in return for you placing out signs that advertise their company and let people know who gave you the machines. Hopefully they will cut you a deal.

Hope this helps!!! Good Luck with your carnival!!

Everyone loves Cheese and Torteias. We had one and made more money then we expected. It was great. The kids and grown ups loved it. Buy the cheese in the gallon can. Good luck and have fun.

Popcorn, nacho & cheese, baked products (brownies, cookies,cake)

have you smoked your lunch? Try "happy" mushroom soup, and special brownies. those will make you money.

make an sell subs easy simple an great money maker

Pizza would please everyone.

Corn Dogs
Funnel Cakes
Soft Pretzels
Caramel Apples
meatball subs on hotdog buns with toppers
chilli is good also

Fresh Fruit Pizza by the slice I seen this receipe on Paul dean show

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