Where can I find a Disney Cars birthday cake?!


Where can I find a Disney Cars birthday cake?

My son's first bday is next month and he is having a Cars-themed party and I need to find a cake.

my son just had his 3rd b-day party with this theme.....It was so cute....if you want to buy the cake i suggest Safeway....the make a really nice one plus there cake is sooo soft with him being 1 he can eat it better.....Also they can put fresh strawberries in the middle its really good......

And if you want to make the cake i have seen the cake pan at Michaels,and party american here in california....

Baskin Robbins Does it! Very Cute!

Get one from a cake decor.

u can get one made a kroger or at baskin robins

many grocery stores have little books where you can preorder a cake & will design it just how you want

my cousin got a cars cake it was great
had tow mator on it =]

there is one at my local market, i saw it yesterday. Although i live in PA and the shopping center is called Weis Markets.

Baskin-Robbins decorates cakes with a wide range of Disney-related goodies, including the "Cars" movie -- specifically, they have a plastic Lightning McQueen they can slap on top of the cake; I think it runs about an extra $6.

Or, if you REALLY are feeling creative, you might consider picking up some of the die cast metal toy cars they make, and try decorating the cake yourself! It wouldn't be hard -- some chocolate frosting to make a road down the center, some white frosting with green food coloring for grass on the side of the road, etc.


Try WalMart, they can make just about any cake pattern especially if you have something that they can copy.

go to http://www.birthdayexpress.com They have a complete Cars themed birthday party including cake toppers (everything can be purchased separately). That way, you can get any type of cake you like and just add the Cars themed top. They also have really cute other Cars party supplies. I just ordered materials for a John Deere birthday party from them and the items arrived in under a week.

Have a great party!

Wal-Mart makes great cakes!!!

Check your local bakery or supermarket. If there is a place called Goldilocks nearby, I bet they'll have that cake. They usually have a book where you can choose the cake decor. Place the order at least 72 hours ahead.

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