Who enjoys drinking beer and listening to music?!


Who enjoys drinking beer and listening to music?

my boyfriend an me

And smoking jays. Yes.

who dosnt?

YOU FOR GOT TO ADD - BY THE BEACH...............

hell, who dont!?!?!??!

men doh


I do, and that includes while reading emails and answering questions to yahoo answers.

not me its a stupid combination.

certainly not christians.

Is there somebody who doesn't?

Beer doesn't do it for me. Just a little harder drinks are better. I like by the beach thing too.

i enjoyed it very much especially when its very cold & lots of spicy foods

i enjoy drinking SODA and listening to music

I enjoy drinking beer.But I just drink a little.I also enjoy listening to music. I love it very much!

Many many people do, myself included.

often rockers do such things

I enjoy drinking Bud Light and listening to loud music in a bar/club! And of course, seeing all the drunk people trying to dance and falling on thier faces.

That is my best leisure time

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