Whats your favorite chocolate?!


Whats your favorite chocolate?

why do you like it so much?

white chocolate the nectar of gods, even lesser quality is just the nectar of lesser gods.

100 grand


ice cubes, i ran into them in germany and would kill for one right NOW!!!

Leonidas milk chocolate.

A nice dark French Valrhona. Very good for cooking, it tempers well, and not too sweet. This stuff is fabulous for fondues, ganaches, molten chocolate cakes...all my favorite things.

bitterswett chocolate... because i can eat a lot without it stinging my tongue from intense sweetness.....

has to be cadbury rum and raisin

inexpensive and nice =)

I love Dairy milk fruit 'n' nut. Its nutty, chocolaty and YUMMY!!!!!
What about you?????

Right now, Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate. Antioxidants!

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are the best and we cannot always get them here, but when I get them, I make up for it

almond ones and cadbury..mmm...u have made me hungry

Coffee chocolate

cadbury's dairy milk ofcourse ,coz its soooo yummy and tasty and choclaty and good.

See's Candy, its very rich but not so sickening sweet that you can eat an entire box in 1 day.

World's Finest Chocolate or Godiva milk chocolate. it is decadent.

Dark. It's not so sweet.

dark bittersweet - it just lights up my day the way it slowly melts on my tongue

Lindt Bittersweet Chocolate with Sour cherry and Chocolate Mousse Filling...it's WONDERFUL!

Nestle Crunch is my favorite chocolate.

Lindt White Chocolate Truffles - just melts in my mouth... smooth and heavenly...

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