What should I do for my sweet 16?!

Question: What should I do for my sweet 16?
I'm turning 16 in November of this year and I don't know what to do for my party. My dad is Scott Davis (most people don't know who that is haha but oh well), so there really is no budget for the party. Please shoot me ideas :)



You should book Justin Bieber to entertain at your party!!! You would have the hottest party of the decade for your friends!!! Wow! You're so lucky that funds are not an issue! Book him now to he can fit it into his schedule! If your party is going to be all girls, they will love that! If it's mixed, the guys will still love to meet a famous act! Right?? You should bring in a manicurist for the girls to all have their nails done and the boys might like it if you brought in a pro skate-boarder to show 'em a few tricks if they board! With unlimited funds, you could do a huge number of things! Lucky you! Have a blast and hope it turns out awesomely!!!

if ur super girly tea party and paint each others fingernails and go shopping
if ur normal go out for dinner and have a sleep over or go out for the movies.
if ur a tom boy go paint balling

if u want it really special u may have your b-day party at a banquet hall and invite ur family and friends.

well you should get a dj. maybe have a theme like everyone dress like there from the 60s or something?? u should rent a place. thats what i would do if i had money. my sweet 16 is in march and i have like a $200 budget:( best of luck

lots of ideas here


I posted this question on my other account so... i'm glad people answered :) haha

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