12th birthday party.. need ideas! Please read!?!

Question: 12th birthday party.. need ideas! Please read!?
Hi, so my little sister's friend needs ideas for her party. And since I planned my little sister's party her friend wants me to give her ideas. Her mom said she can't have it outside because her birthday is in March, and it could be cold. Also, she can't have a sleepover at her house because her house is too small. She doesn't want a swimming party because she's African American and her hair would get messed up and she doesn't want to put relaxer in it. She has 13 people on the list, not including her but she's probably going to knock some people off. She's already had a roller skating party.
Do you have any ideas for me to help her with? Thanks in advance :)


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I did bowling for my 12th birthday party. It was a blast! everyone had a lot of fun(:

well i was gonna say go shopping...go shopping if you havent invited everyone on the list

Ohh yaaaa I had a bowling party and it was sooooo much fun!!!!!

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