If we confused abt our job options than wt we do?!


If we confused abt our job options than wt we do?

means ,,, if we hv other options... 1 place we get cash n other plase ck

Simple:If you want cash in your hand then go for that job.If you like to save money and would want your money to go into your bank account,then go for the job then gives you checks.Why think so hard on such a simple question?

log on web site.

See which jobs experience will count most in the future.

If really your question is so important to you .. so why don't you write a plain english ?????

Anyways when you're confused about something a job or anything just read the manual , read your/other comany policy book so you might find what you're looking for ...

your question seems confusing it self.
if you maintain position in all of the above then you should maintain a middle path, but remember don't sacrifice your personality for cash. it will act as a slow poision not for you but to your enviorment.

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