booze bus party games?!

Question: Booze bus party games?
I'm having a Masquerade Booze Bus to celebrate my 29th Birthday, looking for some suggestions for party games to play other than the standard treasure hunt. And also some ideas for the treasure hunt! Thanks.


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Hey go to Spencers, or Amazon,or go online to a bookstore they have party books and beer games books you can pick up at a descent price, or check out your local library. That's where we got the books for our booze cruze party & games till you past out!!
Try: adult party games, beer games, Pranks, Beer Stunts,
Hope that helps.

We had to do this for my sisters bachlerette party. Oh what a blast!!!

Pub sized Jenga, Twister and pin the tail on the donkey are good ones.

If you are looking for a treasure hunt, this store on eBay has a great hunt that you can use for all parties...

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