I need a menu for a business cocktail reception?!


I need a menu for a business cocktail reception?

Cocktail Recipes
Mango Champagne Cocktail
Cuba Libre
Lava Flow
The Perfect Mint Julep
Blue Curapolitan
Campari Cooler
Kir Royale
Mango Champagne Cocktail
Cranberry Bog Cocktail
Apple Martini
Jasmine Martini

Cocktail Nibbles
Asparagus with Wasabi-Mayonnaise Dip
Crudite Platter
Venezuelan Corn Cakes: Cachapas
Exotic Mushroom Pizza
Dolmades: Stuffed Vine Leaves
Spicy Yogurt Dip with Vegetables
Candied Nuts
Herb-Marinated Olives
Shrimp Sates with Spiced Pistachio Chutney

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Business cocktail??

Chivas Regal Scotch
Variety of Cosmopolitians

Drinkmixer might have some recommendations as well

caramelised onion and blue cheese tartlets, peking duck pancakes, bite size chicken & chive sandwiches, baby beef mignons with bearnaise sauce, sweet potato and fetta frittata, peeled prawns with lime leaf mayonaisse, and a great cheese and fruit platter with sourdough muesli bread

Although I don't feature a specific menu, you may find some useful ideas here:


Choose foods that are bite sized and that don't have any disposible parts (frenched lamb, shrimp tails, skewers etc). it's always a pain to have to hold onto garbage. Try to avoid dipping sauces - can be messy.

crab rangoon

scallops wrapped in bacon

asian shrimp salad in baked wonton wrappers

bite size chicken & beef skewers

stuffed mushrooms

pastry puff balls stuffed w/ beef, veal, chicken - anything really

melba toast rounds topped w/ a variety of things: cheeses, hummus, deli meats

tiny dill pickles wrapped in a slice of genoa salami- toothpick through it w/ cheddar cheese on top


fried calamari w/ marinara sauce for dipping

garlic bread bites w/ fresh tomato, basil and olive oil

toasted ravioli w/ marina sauce

shrimp cocktail

cheese & cracker tray

veggie tray

Antipasti tray

baked brie

fruit tray w/ dip

wine and cheese
fruit and crackers and pepperoni
little desserts

Chicken Satay
Beef satay
Mini pizza
Caribbean meat patties
Mini Spinach Quiche
Thai curried chicken wings
Cajun three cheese straws
Vegetable spring roll
Bacon wrapped scallops
Poached oysters with sparkling wine
Lightly dusted breaded shrimp
Lemon grass skewers of garlic shrimp
Shrimp and chive dumpling
Lemon chicken on rosemary skewers
Beef kabob
Antipasto puff
Mushroom caps with lobster & herbs
Vegetable dim sum
Escargot California
Smoked salmon on pumpernickel
Brie & walnut on rye
Prosciutto on bread sticks
Crabmeat salad on cherry tomato
Curried Deviled Eggs
Black Forest Ham with Asparagus
Lobster medallion on herbed foccacia
Herb goat cheese
Staek tartar on whole wheat toast
California rolls
Poached Prawns on Cucumber
Ham mousse rosett with white & green asparagus

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