Who was the worst host/hostess (at a dinner party) you ever had.. and why?!


Who was the worst host/hostess (at a dinner party) you ever had.. and why?

A friend decided to host a christmas in july dinner, she set the table lovely, we all arrived, sat down, she disappeared into the kitchen never to reappear, neither did any food,
i went out to the kitchen she was being humped by her husbands best freind, laughing having a great time, the roast was being picked over by her dog, needless to say noone ate, we all just gradually drifted off home/to the local take away.
Oh another time, a very wealthy couple invited us for dinner, it was really cheap sausages and salads from the local help yourself salad bar, still in their containters showing they were out of date so being sold really cheap.
and they kept asking me to eat some, i kept refusing but i noticed they didnt eat the bloody stuff either!!
I always wondered why they bothered inviting us??

Probably me. I stuck pins in the tacos.

i would never be ill mannered enough to mention Elaine Bennnets name!!!

My mum, her dogs are treated better than her guests are :-/

My mother-in-law. No booze!!!!

prolly mr and mrs carlson. i met them at a party and they invited us for dinner.
well..... the dinner consists of only baked ham and broccoli. that's all. just a sliced ham and boiled broccoli... not even salt and pepper. no taste.
they are rich and i still cannot believe it. it was just laughably terrible.

About 20 years ago my dr. and his wife who were family friends of my grandma invited us over for dinner. His wife ordered one medium pizza for 8 people! No salad or anything else except sodas. We had to stop to eat dinner on the way home. We never did figure that one out!

A female relative hosted her own prenuptual dinner which was a BBQ at their condo complex in an on-site function room. So after the church about 40-some people show up and the place is empty except for alcohol. After milling around for about 20 minutes and the BBQ food not yet being cooked, I hear the bride-to-be tell her maid of honor that maybe she should have bought some apps. So she sent the friend to the grocery store and she returned with 2 boxes of triscuits, a few sticks of cheese, a bag of sliced pepperoni and some peanuts! Very interesting.

The BBQ itself was chaos w/ side dished showing up an hour before they even started cooking meat, but what really sticks in my head are the "apps".

My (at the time) future brother and sister in law.
We went to their house so my kids could meet their kids.
We brought the pizza. Their older kids stayed up in their room with their friends.
They came down briefly , took some pizza, (along with their friends, who took the pizza too) and disappeared back into their rooms, never saying "thank you" or inviting my children up to join them or meet their friends.
The parents said NOTHING!!!!
I could not believe it! The youngest kids stayed to play with my youngest, but the preteens and teens were just too rude!

my best mate, she was so nervous she got ***sed before the guests arrived and couldn't care less!! dinner was help yourself and get your own drinks 'cos I didn't wanna do this anyway....serves her old man right for insisting she cook for his boss..................

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