How can i get those pictures everyone has???!


How can i get those pictures everyone has???

Do you mean an Avatar? Ok you click on your profile then you go on edit my info. You will see 3 options (no picture, yahoo 360 and use my yahoo avatar). You create an avatar and then select the use avatar option.

Ha Ha I see it worked! You now have an Avatar . Congrats!

You could ask everyone, I suppose, but I don't think I have them.

go to yahoo avatars.

Click on your profile...

ask them

*Go to your Q&A page (you can get there by clicking on your screen name)
*Click the link that says Edit My Info
*Under your screen name is the option of selecting your image/ on Use My Yahoo Avatar and then Edit My Yahoo Avatar
*Once you have created an Avatar that you like, save the information and Vioal! You have a picture instead of a grey smily face!

do you mean avatar's?

umm i think u already have a picture

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