Should i have a bday party?!

Question: Should i have a bday party?
i havent had one in a while. more like 6 years n its my 16th birthday. idk whether i shud cuz its in a couple days. everyone prbbly has plans already. id feel lame if only a couple ppl came. not sure what to do either. maybe set up some games, pizza, go to the park. n im not the most popular girl. im rly shy but i have pretty good friends. im just still nervous about inviting them. ive never invited them before n theyve only started inviting me this last year. just having thoughts. sry if i ramble. what if they think its boring, lame, barely anyone comes, theres nothing to do. what if they dont like me etc. sorry im a worrier. should i?


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go for it! invite everyone! order tons of pizza, have chips and all sorts of delicious noms, and cake of course-but make sure it's ice cream cake because everyone loves ice cream cake.
if everyone doesn't show up who cares? your good friends will, and you guys can have a safe trip to the park together (:
either way, happy sweet 16!

Yes, have a party. :) I Didn't have one for 4 years and I'm going to do a birthday party in 2-3 weeks! :) I'm sure they would come. :) I think for your party you should all go to the movies, come back and eat good food, play games, do presents and then have a sleepover after. Everyone would have fun doing that. I would come if I were them.. :)

You should invite ALL of them. Your true friends will always be there. I know because I havnt been intouch with my friends and family in quite a while and they are all still here by my side. If anyone doesnt like you they will not attend. Don't be a worrier.....take it from an EX-worrier in the making!

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Talk to your friends! Ask them if they would want to come, even if it was a little lame. besides, if they are your true friends, they wouldn't care if it was lame. also, it is your 16th. Sweet 16th!! celebrate! food games, movies, going out to eat, whatever!

It's a party! I have good music, a lot of food, and who wouldn't go?
Talk about it before hand and then send out invitations to everyone!
I mean, I'd go =]

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