Any party food ideas?!

Question: Any party food ideas?
It's my birthday on Friday and i'm having a buffet, any food ideas? :)

Thanks! :)


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Taco or nacho buffet. Have taco shells, ground beef or shredded chicken or both, refried beans, sour cream lettuce, cheese, chopped tomatoes, guacamole, etc. And for nachos have tortilla chips, nacho cheese, ground beef, sour cream, olives, guacamole.

And have an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. Have vanilla and chocolate ice cream and have bowls with different toppings like crushed oreos, nuts, sprinkles, M and M's.

pigs in a blanket and homemade mustard sauce.
-pigs in a blanket
20 or so mini hot dogs
and pilsberry cresants(i think i spelt that wrong)

1 (300 ml) can sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons turmeric
1/4 cup dry mustard
1/3 cup vinegar

Beat and refridgerate

Get some puff pastry, spread some pesto, or cream cheese or something onto it, roll it up, slice it and bake for about 15 mins. It makes lovely pin-wheels that look and taste great, you can also experiment a bit with it by putting stuff like parma ham or tomatoes in the middle!! Yum! Hope I Helped x


Pork roast in crock pot...shredded and served with rolls (pulled pork sammies)

Chili cheese dip...spread cream cheese in bottom of casserole, add layer of chili, add layer of shredded cheese. Bake or microwave until shredded cheese is gooey. Serve with frito scoops.

Lil smokes wrapped in cresent dough and baked.

Deli sandwich platter. Meats, cheese, bread and condiments.

Veggies and dip.

Fruit and fruit dip (marshmallow cream and cream cheese)

Street style taco bar or nacho bar

simple finger food.

-scotch eggs
-party sausages
-mini pizza
-cheese pineapple + sausage on a stick.

personal experiences

Guacamole and Salsa with Tortilla Crisps/Chips
Houmous and Tzatziki with toasted pita bread triangles

one thing i snack on which everyone i've introduced this to loves is triscuits and cottage cheese as a dip.

Pizza is the best party food.

crepes & waffles :P

It's your birthday, someone should be making food for YOU.

Bacon wrapped shrimp. Bake it in the oven and glaze it with sweet chili sauce. SO YUMMY!


buns/ biscuits


Sausage rolls always go down well...

bean dip

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