When's the pizza man coming?!

Question: When's the pizza man coming?
I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut two days ago and the pizza hasn't arrived, what should I do?


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Why dont you just order cupcakes , i mean dont buy them off me because they will be gone before you can say a word.:]LOL

He isn't coming. Hope you didn't pay for it already. IF so, call the credit credit card company and cancel it. Then call the pizza place and ask for a free pizza. Most places have an offere of 30 minutes or it's free, you'd think that two days late would warrant something in recompense.

Don't complain "rudely" to them because that's when you'll get a pizza someone spit in. But I thought when their over 20 minutes late its free.

Phone pizza hut and tell them what happened.

Eat something else. ;)

my tummy

phone them and complain

eat something else

I wouldn't give him a tip

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