craziest party you have attended?!

Question: Craziest party you have attended?
I was wondering, what is the craziest party you have attended? Something other than the norm.


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Would have to be with" andre the giant". Simply the nicest person ive ever met and could drink for hours without any effect.

Well, I guess crazy parties depend. What kind of ppl r there? What kind of themes r there? I guess the craziest party ive attended is where me and my friends went to this party and it was crazy. There was a bunch of ppl and a DJ and a bunch of balloons all over the place. and we got silly sting and everyone had a silly string fight. lol and it was all on a GINORMOUS trampoline that filled up the whole space.(except for the space for a bunch of soda and snacks and the DJ)
so like i said, it all depends on how creative it is. lol why do u ask??

my brain.......

a one week party. grilled food a round the clock. music. some was live. cases of booze and kegs of beer. maybe 600 people came and went.

There was pepper spray involved.

it was a swimsuit and mask party

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