Birthday party help!?!

Question: Birthday party help!?
Im having my 13th birthday party in 35 days, im having about 25 people over (boys and girls) and i have no idea what to do for games or food or anything. PLEASE HELP!


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You could have a mystery or murder mystery party. There are down loadable games on the internet. We are having one for my child's 14th birthday and then I am going to have an adult murder mystery party. They have many versions for different age ranges and group sizes. All of our guests will dress like their character. It looks like a lot of fun.

If you have enough money, order a couple of pizzas, and get some chips and sodas. Just be sure to check if anyone has allergies or doesn't like anything specific. If you don't want Pizza, then you can make copious amounts of spaghetti with sauce, or home made chicken tenders (you can find recipes for these online. Or try having them bring a snack or drink with them.

Games: Pictionary is a good way for everyone to try out their drawing skills, scavenger hunts, or trivia on anything are good if you don't have a game console. If you do, something like Wii Sports can have four people playing at once, or DDR for the playstation. Mario Kart is always a good option. just have a variety so that everyone is busy and having fun. If it's snowy where you live, tell them to bring snow gear and go sledding, make a snow fort or have a snowball fight.

Look around online if you need more ideas :) and Happy Early Birthday!

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