Is it appropriate to put cheese on the underside of the patty on a cheesburger?!


Is it appropriate to put cheese on the underside of the patty on a cheesburger?

Or, for the matter, eating a hamburger with the bottom-bun on top and the top-bun on the bottom?

I say, eat your food how you want to eat it. I prefer a slice of cheese on the bottom and top of my burgers. As for eating with the buns switched, you should market that idea to a restaurant, it could be the next big thing!

I am sure it will taste the same, but for the sake of aesthetics, put the cheese on top of the burger.

Why does it matter? It all goes in the same way. Either way you do it, the taste doesn't change. Gut luggage no matter how you serve it.

it is ok, but it tastes better the other way IMO

Of Course its OK...just don't cook it on the grill that way. lol

It doesn't matter! wHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyond aesthetics, the reason cheese is on the top is because good cooks put the cheese on while the burger is still on the grill (love that melted cheese). When you put it on a bun, its safer not to flip.

Personally, however, I've preferred to flip the whole thing once its in the bun as the cheese forms a great shield to keep the burger juice in the meat and not in soggy bottom bun.

I'm a traditionalist, so I always liked it better on top (kinda like sex! LOL!), as the cheese melts ON the burger better, but I don't think it matters a whole lot! It's all gonna end up in the same place anyhow! I'm kinda picky about the bun too.....keep it the "usual" way! But again, it's not that big of a deal!

Put cheese on BOTH sides - YUM!

I put american cheese on the top and swiss on the bottom. Yummy

It's your cheeseburger. Have it any way you want!

Oh, go ahead and eat it any way you want. I'll distract the cheeseburger police until you're finished.

For you, you care which side the cheese should go on a
cheeseburger. As for me, I don't care at all. The most
important thing is to eat it anyway you can without wasting it. Once inside your stomach, no one knows or cares, which side the cheese is on - underside or on top of the patty. They all
will be crushed and digested altogether. Got it?

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