it's a friday night and i'm sitting at home on my own! any ideas on what i can do?!

Question: It's a friday night and i'm sitting at home on my own! any ideas on what i can do?
im bored!!!!!! all my friends have gone out clubbing but i can't go because i haven't got paid yet =[. so here i am on the computer drinking a bottle of wine to myself looking all depressed and what not. is there anything you could suggest for me to get rid of my boredom? you will be a big help i can't take it anymore!
thanks =] x


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Watch a favorite movie
videogames - trackmania
local mall - browse
read a book - hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
go to a movie
ask a random person on a date - or could be a friend
domesticate a wile animal
go to a local gym or ymca - lifetime fitness, LA fitness and get your groove on!
put wheels something that doesnt normally have it and find somewhere to wheel
discover new types of music -
sing karaoke
learn to count cards
learn a new card game
spend time with family, friends, or neighbor
mow the yard
build an igloo
go hiking - try to find geocache!
host a party
go hunting/ fishing/ canoeing/ cliff jumping/ polar plunge / jet ski / sky diving / general free falling /
take a cat nap in a place you have never napped before - sleep on a bookshelf
have a fire- inside or out
find coupons and use them for places you would never usually go
walk your pet or someones pet
do your homework
write a journal
make a research paper on a topic of your choice
find a fun way to do your laundry
go line dancing - learn a new dance and post on youtube while you are learning it
make a youtube video
lay down in a hammock and relax with no interruptions
solve a puzzle - google some "logic puzzles"
go birdwatching - learn types of birds and their calls
go to a local fair or event - find out about them at your citys website or library events board


I love friday nights at home after a long week at work! My routine consists of glass of wine in a hot bubble bath, mani/pedi and a good film! Ahhh!

Procure a 9 month old baby.

a 9 month old baby

Turn off the computer and go read a book.

drink a second bottle of wine and watch tv

go on or everybody edits


Shall i bring you my ironing, it is about 6 ft high?

Wanna go out for a drink ;-)

order pizza

come to my place

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