Wedding reception ideas with no dancing?!

Question: Wedding reception ideas with no dancing?
Ok so my fiance and I are both Christian, yet his family is baptist therefore they dont allow dancing. So we opted for an outdoor backyard evening event, asian themed, candle lit and romantic. Background music with no dancing. I wanted to make it romantic, memorable but also something that our guests (which is only close family and a handful of friends for a total of 32 people) can enjoy and remember. It is to start at 6:30 in the evening, what are your ideas as to what should be done and in what order should it be done? 6:30-7:00 ceremony (we opted for a SHORT ceremony)... and then what happens after that?! Granted, i'm not going for a 4 hour reception being that there is no dancing. There is a buffet dinner. I'm thinking of games, dont know which. Obviously the speeches and toast, the cake and food time. What else should happen and in what order does this all happen? Thanks! (PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT HOW BORING A WEDDING IS WITHOUT DANCING. I'M ASKING FOR ADVICE FOR A WEDDING WITH NO DANCING, NOT ASKING FOR THOUGHTS ON THE MATTER, THANKS)


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So would a booth with "bong hits for jesus" be out of the question? Ok seriously:

How about a string quartet?

also one thing you might want to do with a small group for the ceremony is this(I'm ULC ordained so I occasionally do weddings) friend of mind did it and it was pretty cool:…

Would it be against your religion to bring in a performer? A singer or magician?

Wedding can be one of the most important days in lives of the bride and groom, not to mention the familes and friends. It requires long range careful planning, market research, cost control all to be balanced with creating a wonderful experience. Wedding traditions from a family, ettiquette, and religious perspective can be difficult to discover. For those who cannot afford a wedding planner or a cadre of assistants, there are good resources to use as a guidepost to planning one of the most thrilling days a young couple can have.

I was raised strict Baptist, so I'm familiar with how the typical non-dancing receptions work. Usually people show up, mingle for a bit, then eat/speeches/toast/cake like you said. To be honest, generally there's just more mingling, with background music, usually soft and romantic. Lots of pictures taken, etc. Are you having a time where everyone at the reception can tell their favorite memory/story of you and/or your husband-to-be? Those are always good for laughs, and they're definitely memorable!

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