Home Remodel Magazine Party?!

Question: Home Remodel Magazine Party?
I am throwing a launch party for a new magazine that centers around home remodeling.

I am having trouble finding decor to tie the "house" theme in. Ideally I would like to keep it simple and classy, but I would like to have some "house" elements.... I thought maybe something like a house shaped vase for the flowers on the tables would be good, but I have no idea where to find something like that.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks ! :)


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They sell doll houses online that look like real homes. I'd suggest birdhouses, but they aren't cheap either.http://www.minishop.com/dollhouses.htm

House shaped box mailer and a paper clip here: http://www.identity-links.com/paper-prod…

...can't find much else in the way of "house-shaped". Can't you just get regular vases and have someone who's good at painting make a design on them?....even if you got the clear glass cubed ones and painted a house face on one side---or just leave plain and have it be a classic piece.

Try your Garden Shop. Lowes, Home Depot, Home Goods, etc.

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