Golf Themed Party?!


Golf Themed Party?

I am hosting a bachelorette party and we are doing liquid golf. Part of the night (b4 the pub crawl) is drinks and food at my place. What should I make?? I was thinking little sandwhichs....but I want it to be super cute and part of the whole gold theme. HELP?!?!?!

I would do the sandwiches and instead of tooth pics, I would use golf tees.

no I cannot help, but can you invite me?

Good idea, make sandwiches shaped like golfballs.... or some kind of round food


Some suggestions would be for something like deviled eggs, served upside down, could look like golf balls.
You HAVE to have 'broken down golf carts" for drinks.
A spinach dip could be made to look like a golf green.
Guests should be allowed one "Mulligan" Let them take back 1 stupid action or comment, without penalty.
Each guest could have a "Caddy" to fetch what they need.
Keep a "scorecard". Each "player' could be graded on various things through out the evening.

instead of little sandwiches, why not get puffed pastry shells, put some tasty fillings inside, then close to a ball shape! Wait a minute....I just you mean GOLD not GOLF??? Oh well, same idea, just make them into gold nugget form and when they come out of the oven, immediately "dust" some fine, edible gold over top!

Golf Party

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