I want to throw a killer goodbye party how can I pull this off?!

Question: I want to throw a killer goodbye party how can I pull this off?
Mine and my boyfriends best best friend is moving at the end of the month and we want to have a GREAT goodbye party for him on the 26th. We've already started a montage of pictures for him and are still collecting some from all of our other friends. We also want to have something for everyone to sign and leave a little not on. My boyfriend suggested a poster board but I'm thinking something a little more fun. Any ideas? Themes? Thanks :D


I think creating a DVD with a bunch of video messages on is kind of fun. Especially if you can get each person to give their favorite memory or a funny story about your friend. He can pop it in everytime he misses the "old gang". Playing a great mix of his favorite music is always great too!

Alcohol lots and lots of it and food lots of it to

The best parties are all about the people

Invite the best people and you can't fail

Don't forget the ice



good songs and lots of alchohol

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