Good ideas for girl 15 birthday party?!

Question: Good ideas for girl 15 birthday party?
Ive been bowling, done the regular.
any fun ideas for something to do, then sleepover?
My birthdays in a couple weeks, and im having about 15 people


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For the sleepover, you can watch movies. If you're a girl you do each others hair & makeup & nails. For snacks, you can make these molten lava cakes. They are like cupcakes so you can eat it as snacks. I just came across this video, it looks really easy to make. Hope this helps.…

Some good ideas areeeeeeee
go paintballing, if your friends are into that kind of stuff
play lazer tag, its actually really fun if you get into it,
try to get some speakers and hold a dance party in your basement.
go swimming if its nice out
go snowboarding or skiing
go out for dinner with all your friends

give her 15 giftss.. as per her age..

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