How do you have a good freshman high school party?!

Question: How do you have a good freshman high school party?
I am planning a party with my friend and my mom gave me no rules and yes she will be there. I am allowed to have as many people as i want but idk how to host a good party. any tips or ideas?
its from 7-11


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I don't know what freshman is / how old you are, but booze is a good start. Then, weed. Good music (get requests from your guests), and ... four hours? Your party needs to be extended to at LEAST 2 am.

You can have music and dancing. Play games, watch movies. You need snacks so I think this molten lava cake would be yummy. They are more like cupcakes so you can use it as a snack. I just came across this video. Hope this helps.…

I know what we did back in the 70's, but ppl are so narrow minded nowadays...
Music, joints (blunts), food, kegs, strip poker....

You Don't.

lololololol buncha freshmenSL:KFJdlfkajs;dlkj

GOOD MUSIC, GOOD FOOD, AND GOOD PEOPLE. The rest pretty much works itself out.


Invite sensible people who don't drink or smoke weed, great food, fine music, great time.

Have fun =)

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