Why do parents allow their kids to have house parties?!

Question: Why do parents allow their kids to have house parties?
It seems to be quite silly to allow your kids to get drunk, wreck the house and then not tidy up afterwards?


its better for them to do it in a safe enviroment then them goin out getting into trouble. we all where kids at one time. there just going to go out and do it anyways so why put them in danger by letting them out of your supervision? its better safe then sorry.

It seems silly enough to be encouraging your kids to get drunk in the first place if they are under 21. If they are over 21, perhaps living in their parents' basement, well, that's a whole different story.

I have noticed that so many parents today have chosen to be a friend as opposed to an authority figure. They want to be the 'cool mom' or 'cool dad' that allows their child to have huge parties, drink and other things. It is a disturbing trend.

Some parents don't care about their kids, or they want to be the "cool" parents. My parents are VERY strict. But i have had friends who have parents who don't care what they do.

Some parents would rather be able to supervise their children when they are doing stupid things.

However, I've never met parents who don't expect their children to clean up after themselves.

some parents are ignorant. they should not always trust they're children.


they have something wrong with there heads ,,,these parents must be of there rocker

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