Eating marijuana versus smoking?!

Question: Eating marijuana versus smoking?
What is the difference, I have never eaten it what can I expect?

Same type of high or totally different?

Stoners unite!


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I found that eating it is much more intense, not only when it hits, but throughout the high. It's a different type of high because the it seems to come in strong bursts. I prefer to smoke it for that reason, but if it were the same type of high I would eat it instead.

eating it is about the same when it hits it hits all at once. but if u don't cook it 1st the high doesn't last long it's better 2 saute it in oil to bring out the thc get brownie mix measure out the oil it says 2 use cook the weed on low heat in the oil don't fry it just warm it up stirring it around them put it in the brownie mix. u can do the same with cookies they require less u could just put it in a couple cookies that way. add it in like chocolate chips use less oil in the recipe though.

well eating:longer high, more safe
smoking: always makes me feel like a bamf

same general high though, at large oral doses though things can get trippy.

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